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Welcome to a New Beginning

It’s time for a new beginning in one of the West’s most special and unique landscapes. It’s time to preserve the spectacle of large thunderous waterfalls, the wonder of colossal crystal clear springs, and the miracle of volcanic features so large that they defy perception. It’s time to forever safeguard a beautiful home for the bison, the moose, the elk, the Bighorn sheep, the Grizzly, the Trumpeter swan and a multitude other wild creatures

Island Park, Idaho, historically known by Native Americans, by trappers, and by outdoorsmen as the rich kingdom of nature’s bounty needs to be conserved and treasured for the ages. Together, good people can make it happen. Please support Caldera National Monument.

The Monument

Efforts to preserve Island Park date back to 1882 when General Phil Sheridan, Commander of the U.S. Army in the West, proposed to expand and conform Yellowstone’s boundaries to the seasonal migrations of elk and bison. Publisher George Bird Grinnell furthered these efforts and helped introduce a bill before Congress for an expansion of Yellowstone but powerfull railroad lobbies ensured that the bill fail. Yellowstone’s rectangular boarders where drawn only to preserve Yellowstone’s geological features and without consideration for wildlife.

Teton Park was created to the south in 1929 and Wyoming created the Teton Wilderness and the North Absaroka Wilderness adjacent to park in 1964 and the Washakie Wilderness in 1972. Montana created the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness in 1978 along the park’s northern boundary and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness in 1983. No land was preserved in Idaho. Finally, in 2007, the Bush Administration’s Secretary of the Interior and former Governor of Idaho, Dirk Kempthorne, began promoting the idea of a National Monument for Island Park.

Island Park


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