CPM scheduling, with its logic, forces construction managers to grapple with real world issues and potential problems months before they are upon them.

  Neal C. Wickham - Points West Consulting

There are reasons why CPM scheduling has proliferated throughout the construction industry over the past 20 years.  CPM works.  It works on many levels and for many stake holders.  It has become the de facto rulebook that owners, contractors, and subcontractors play by in the construction industry today.  To make CPM work for you, you need a professional like Neal Wickham on your team with the education, the experience, and the dedication required to make it work.  Don't be caught on the wrong side of CPM.  Use the best.  Use a professional who knows.



Neal Wickham earned his Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering from University of New Mexico in 1992 with included coursework at UNM Law School.



Neal Wickham will dedicate himself to the successful completion of your project.  He is recommended by many leaders in the construction industry.



Neal Wickham has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry working for ENR Top 400 Contractors and on many projects in the $100 million range.