American Dog Derby

1917 to 1922

Photo Collection Of Early Dog Derby in Chronological Order

1922 (RPPC) Press Photo for American Dog Derby
1922 (RPPC) Press Photo for American Dog Derby
Press photo for 1922 American Dog Derby. Left to Right: Bill Trude, Bill Kooch, Tud Kent, Lydia Hutchinson, George Pilcher, Lewis Jones, Warren Cordingly, and Smokey Gaston. The American Dog Derby was heavily promoted in 1922 and was billed as one of the events of, "Yellowstone Park's Golden Anniversaryā€¯. There were actually 17 mushers that entered in 1922 so these eight were chosen by promoters as being the most photogenic and the dress in this photo almost appears to be costumes when compared to the dress in other more candid musher photos. The press would later play up a rivalry between the champion, Tud Kent, and challenger, Smokey Gaston, over the affections of Lydia Hutchinson.
Neal C. Wickham