American Dog Derby

1917 to 1922

Photo Collection Of Early Dog Derby in Chronological Order

1919 (RPPC) Musher Using Bola
1919 (RPPC) Musher Using Bola
Uncaptioned and undated Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) with view to northeast along Yellowstone Branch (Union Pacific) railroad tracks looking towards Ashton where Hwy US-20 is today. Musher is swinging a bola (ball on end of rope) to control dogs. Team is pulling freight sledge (where musher sits rather than stands) that were largely obsolete by mid 20's. So this photo is of the early American Dog Derby prior to about 1925. There were only two years of the early Dog Derby with six or more inches of relatively fresh snow, 1919 and 1922. It was very overcast and actually snowing during the race of 1922 so the weather conditions of this photo are most consistent with 1919.
Neal C. Wickham