American Dog Derby

1917 to 1922

Photo Collection Of Early Dog Derby in Chronological Order

1919 (RPPC) Bill Trude on Backstreets Ashton
1919 (RPPC) Bill Trude on Backstreets Ashton
Uncaptioned and undated Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) with view to east taken at intersection of 5th and Fremont Streets of musher on unplowed backstreets of Ashton. Old Armory Building (still standing as of 2010) is at left. This photo can be dated. Since it is a four-dog team, it must be prior to 1921 since the American Dog Derby added rules requiring dog teams to consist of between five and seven dogs in 1921. There was no Derby in 1920 and the only Derby prior to 1920 with six or so inches recent snow (as in this photo) was that of 1919. The Derby of 1918 was sunny and warm and that of 1917 had old snow with only a skiff of new snow. The snow and weather conditions are only consistent with 1919. By zooming in on the musher, he is easily identifiable as Bill Trude where there exists several photos of him about this time. Further, this is an RPPC only produced with photos of mushers who won or placed and Trude placed second in the 1919 American Dog Derby. Finally, this same dog team, excepting the lead dog, can be seen in an RPPC of Trude winning the warm and sunny 1918 American Dog Derby. This is Bill Trude in 1919 when he took second place in the American Dog Derby.
Neal C. Wickham