American Dog Derby

1917 to 1922

Photo Collection Of Early Dog Derby in Chronological Order

1919 or 1920 (RPPC) Tud Kent With Team
1919 or 1920 (RPPC) Tud Kent With Team
Uncaptioned and undated Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) with view to west taken west of Ashton of musher and dog team. The subject can be identified. The lead dog is Tud Kent's distinguishable large English Setter and the musher, with his broad-rim hat, appears to be Tud Kent except this is the only known photo of Kent with a mustache. This photo can be dated. There are hand-written notes and dates on the back of RPPC with dates of 1922, 1919, and a date of "1919-20." The photo would most likely be earlier than the earliest hand-written date. Also, Kent is using a single-tandem hitch (dogs in-line) in this photo but was using a double-tandem hitch (dogs behind lead dog in pairs) by 1921. There are many photos of Kent racing in the early Derby and none show him with a mustache. This is probably a promotional photo taken in 1920, the year the American Dog Derby was cancelled.
Neal C. Wickham