American Dog Derby

1917 to 1922

Photo Collection Of Early Dog Derby in Chronological Order

1918 (RPPC) Bill Trude Winner American Dog Derby
1918 (RPPC) Bill Trude Winner American Dog Derby
Real Photo Post Card (RPPC) with view to west on the west side of Ashton of musher with four-dog team in a single tandem hitch (all dogs in-line). This photo can be dated and the subject identified. There exists another nearly identical photo of another musher but with same buildings, same weather conditions, and same cows in background. Both photos are clearly taken from same location on same day. The other photo is dated as 1918 and this photo can be too. The subject can be identified as Bill Trude who won the American Dog Derby in 1918. First, this is an RPPC and RPPC's were typically only produced with photos of mushers who won or placed in a Dog Derby. Also, three of the four dogs in this photo are shown in another photo, probably taken in 1919, where the musher is clearly identifiable as Bill Trude. So this is an RPPC of Bill Trude winning the 1918 American Dog Derby. Hand-written note on RPPC indicated the house in the background belonged to D. K. Rankin placing the photo on the west side of Ashton looking west into the countryside.
Neal C. Wickham