American Dog Derby

1917 to 1922

Photo Collection Of Early Dog Derby in Chronological Order

1918 (RPPC) Kent Enroute to Dog Races, Version 2
1918 (RPPC) Kent Enroute to Dog Races, Version 2
Probably a promotional photo of Tud Kent in Island Park where he lived and worked for the "Railroad Ranch" owned by Union Pacific. Kent is purportedly on his way to Ashton for the American Dog Derby. Photo can be dated to 1918 since it is very similar to a photo that is dated to 1918 that seems to be on the same day, shows the same dog team, and Kent is wearing the same black hat. In photos of Kent in later years, he has switched to a white hat. Real Photo Postcard (RPPC) photograph probably taken by Union Pacific photographer or by Kent himself.
Neal C. Wickham