FILE: 1910circa_Ashton_94_Trout-Rstd.jpg
DESCRIPTION: There is handwriting on the photo side of this RPPC (Real Photo Post Card) that reads, "94 Trout, Snake River Idaho". This was purchased from Ebay with four other RPPC's of the Ashton Idaho area so all five came from the same source and are all related to Ashton. One of them was addressed to Council Bluffs, Iowa with an Ashton post mark of 11/6/1914. Most of the writing on these five post cards is in Norwegian and is of a similar handwriting style. There are similar hand written comments or claims made on the other RPPC's about the sender's life. However, since these photos are RPPC's, they are not photos of the sender’s life and the claims or comments were probably done in jest. These five RPPC's were probably purchased in Ashton just prior to their being mailed to reletives in Iowa in 1914 since they depict scenes similar to the sender's life in the Ashton Area. There is not much to locate this photo except the many lodgepole pines in the background and general nature of the background is consistent with Island Park.
CREDITS: Neal C. Wickham
TITLE: 94 Trout Caught in Snake River Near Ashton Idaho, Circa 1910