FILE: 1910circa-Ashton_From_West_Comp.jpg
DESCRIPTION: This set of two RPPC (Real Photo Post Cards) are a view of Ashton, Idaho from the west not far from where Highway US-20 is today. The two cards can be put together to form a panorama view of Ashton. These two RPPC's were purchased from Ebay with three other RPPC's of the Ashton Idaho area so all five came from the same source. One of them was addressed to Council Bluffs, Iowa with a post mark of 11/6/1914. Most of the writing on these five post cards is in Norwegian and is of a similar handwriting. There is some writing in English. On one of these two, there is some writing in English that says, "Ashton seen from our home." There are similar comments or claims made on the other RPPC's about the sender's life. However, since these photos are RPPC's, they are not photos of the sender’s life and the claims or comments were probably done in jest. This RPPC was probably purchased in Ashton circa 1914 and sent to relatives in Iowa. The two photos also have several of the buldings numbered on the photo side and there are descriptions on the post card side. Starting from left to right (south to north) 1. US Reclamation Service, 2. City Water Tower, (3 is missing) 4. Bank, 5. Hotel, 4., 6., 7. Grain Elevators, 9. Lumber Yard, 10. Kirk (Church in English), 11. Jerobanestation (Rail Road Station in English).
CREDITS: Neal C. Wickham
TITLE: Ashton From West, Circa 1910