FILE: 1908circa_Ashton_Cannon_Bldg-Rstrd.jpg
DESCRIPTION: The Cannon Building in Ashton Idaho at southest corner of Main and 5th. The monument at the top of the building reads the “Cannon Block” and “1906.” The photo has to be within a year or two of construction, probably 1908 when similar Teton Pharmacy post cards were printed. On the Windows is, “Men & Boys, Women’s & Children’s, Furnishings, Clothing” and “H. L. Cannon & Co., Dry Goods and Groceries,” and “Dentist” (upper window). This later became the "Burrall & Schroll" store and later the IGA store. It was destroyed by fire circa 1976.
CREDITS: Neal C. Wickham
TITLE: Cannon Building Circa 1908