FILE: 1906-Ashton_Hotel_c1.jpg
DESCRIPTION: The original Ashton Hotel built in Ashton, Idaho circa 1906 and destroyed by fire circa 1920. Per Chan Atchley, in his book Soul of the Land, 2003: (left to right) standing in street, two unidentified women and Mrs. Jim Davis; standing on porch, “Dad” Clay, John Christofferson, Mrs. Felix Burgess, Unknown man, Bruce Catlett, Mrs. Alvin Seeley, Harvy Zhepp, Frank Carpenter, Dr. E. L. Hargis, and Ole Brothern; standing on stairs, F. X. Dohlenty and H. G. “Fess” Fuller who was the first Mayor of Ashton.
CREDITS: Neal C. Wickham
TITLE: Ashton Hotel, Circa 1906